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The design of your web site is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. It affects your existing customers and your potential customers more than you might think. Customers want to do business with a company they can trust. There are three critical "trust factors" that affect how your customer views your business when visiting your web site:

  1. design look
  2. information focus
  3. information design
  4. Here's the research to back it up (offsite)

Did you notice what was number one? A crappy looking web site leads to crappy results and lost trust with your customers.

If it doesn't look professional then what does that say about your business? If the copy on your site is all about you (and not your customers), then how does your customer know you care? If the structure of your site confuses your customer, leaving them frustrated, then what will their experience be like when they do business with you?

This isn't just about pretty pictures. Any decent graphic designer can put a nice wrapper on your site and win an award (if that's what you want). But if you want a web site that meets the needs of your customers while addressing specific goals of your business then you need someone with more than just graphic design skills.

While I can help you with the look of your site (yes, I've won awards, but they gather dust and don't pay your overhead), I also put a strong emphasis on usability factors, content, web marketing and how your site integrates with the rest of your marketing mix. The web site you launch will address the needs of your customer while contributing to the success of your business.

And I back it up with a money-back guarantee.

Why you should contact me today:

I have been designing web sites for over 10 years. Sites like Coca-Cola, OfficeMax, Haggar Clothing Company, and others. What this means for your business is you get a professional with over 20 years' design experience backed up by practical application of usability practices who can design and build a professional site that engages your customers while providing a positive experience. This translates into happier customers, more credibility for your business, an advantage over your competitors, increased revenue and a solid return on your investment.

If you're still unsure if you really need a web site, take a look at some of these facts that directly affect your business:

Call 865 804-5186 or email me today to get started on your new web site.

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