Services [web site re-design]

The top ten reasons businesses have asked me to redesign their web site:

  1. "My competition has a better web site."
  2. "A relative/friend/student designed it the first time."
  3. "It looks bad in _________ browser."
  4. "It looks dated."
  5. "It doesn't have _________."
  6. "I'm not getting any hits."
  7. "It's not making any money."
  8. "My business model has changed."
  9. "My customers can't find _________."
  10. "It sucks."

If any of these look familiar or if you have your own unique reason for redesigning your web site, then take a look at my portfolio for examples of other sites I have produced. You can also look at the Web Design page for some insight into how I approach a site design. While you're at it, you might want to examine how I incorporate usability techniques to help ensure the success of your site, whether it's a new design or an existing one. And finally, if you are also looking for hosting I offer that service to my customers, as well.

I also back up my work with a money-back guarantee.

Call 865 804-5186 or email me today to get started on your new web site.

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