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Does your web site suck?

It does if your visitors can't find what they need quickly and effectively or they find their experience frustrating.

"No problem, our site looks great," you say. Well, even if you've paid top dollar for your beautifully designed web site it may not be user-friendly. To be successful your site has to incorporate intuitive navigation and consistent aesthetic design, while speaking in the language of your visitor. When you don't incorporate usability into the design of your web site you risk alienating your customers.

And don't expect your visitors to tell you about it either. Most won't.

Think about your own experience on the internet. How many times have you visited a website and left after not finding what you wanted. Or your frustration with the shopping cart system prompted you to click over to their competitor? Did you take the time to write an email to the webmaster and complain? Did you look for the "contact us" link - if you could find one - and let them know how hard it was to buy something from them? No, you silently disappeared, just like your own visitors do now.

It's not just about the lost sale, either. You also lose credibility. In a national survey of internet users, "easy to navigate and find what you want" was cited by 80% as "very important." The top three criteria for a credible web site were design look, information focus, and information design. [You can learn more about web site credibility here (offsite)]. In fact, a study (offsite) suggests that a customer who has a bad experience on the web is less likely to ever visit the bricks-and-mortar version in the future, even if they have in the past. Yes, you can damage your business' reputation by having a crappy web site.

How do you know if your site sucks? Here are two ways to find out: a customer-centered site evaluation and a usability study. A customer-centered site evaluation compares a list of established usability practices to your web site, exposing areas that need improvement. A usability study is a report based on watching a group of people who represent your typical visitor perform common tasks. An evaluation or a usability study is the only sure-fire way of finding out what is wrong with your site. If you've never had an evaluation or study done on your site, then how do you know how effective your site really is?

I offer a FREE Three Point Customer-Centered Evaluation to get you started. For a more thorough Site Evaluation or a comprehensive Usability Study call 865.984.9403 or email today for more information.

Here's a short list of usability services I provide:

Redesigning your site by incorporating the results of evaluations or user studies along with a professional design maximizes your investment.

A note on why you should call me today: I have been building, improving and analyzing web sites for over 10 years. I have been hired by Fortune 500 companies to improve their web sites and have produced positive results in every case. I have been trained by HFI - a top notch usability firm - in The Science and Art of Effective Web Design. I have also been a member of the Usability Professionals Association and continually keep abreast of the latest studies and research on User Interface Design.

What this means for you and your business is you get a professional with over 20 years' design experience - backed by practical application of usability practices - who can design and build a professional site for your business that engages your customers while providing a positive experience. This translates into happier customers, more credibility for your business, an advantage over your competitors, increased revenue and a solid return on your investment.

I also back up my work with a money-back guarantee.

Call 865 804-5186 or email me today to learn more about your customers' frustration.

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