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If you build it will they come? If you sell it will they buy?

Ecommerce is much more than just putting up a web site with shopping cart capabilities. It's about helping the customer find you in the first place. It's how effective your home page attracts their attention and captures their interest. It's how the product/service page creates a desire. And finally, how easy you make it for your customer to make the purchase.

Ecommerce is one of the most challenging aspects of web design. It combines design, usability, programming, marketing, psychology and good old horse-sense. Get it right and you're golden. Get it wrong and you risk alienating your customers and losing money.

If you want to add ecommerce to an existing site or build a store from the ground up, I can help. I've been building ecommerce web sites since 1995 for simple mom-and-pop stores as well as Fortune 500 companies.

By walking you through the entire process I'll help you avoid the mistakes others have made when building an online store. For instance:

Not only will you have the benefit of my experience during the design and building process, you'll have an entire year of maintenance and consultation at no cost. And I will provide you with an operations manual so you can have a reference guide for common tasks and issues of running your online store.

If you're ready to get started then call me at 865-984-9403 or email today.

Why you should call me today:
I have been building ecommerce web sites for over 10 years - sites like OfficeMax, Haggar Clothing Company, Quikliter and others. What this means for your business is you get a professional with over 20 years' design experience backed up by practical application of usability practices. Someone who can design and build a professional ecommerce site that engages your customers while providing a them with a positive experience. This translates into happier customers, more credibility for your business, competitive advantage, increased revenue and a solid return on your investment.

I also back up my work with a money-back guarantee.

Call 865 804-5186 or email me today to get your store online.

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