Make Your Own

Step 7. Glue signatures

Time to get out your heavy stuff: encyclopedias, art history books, unused weight set, etc., I use a homemade leaf/flower press that I made out of a couple pieces of wood and four carriage bolts with wing nuts.

Place your newly sewn signatures on the edge of your work area with the spine edge out and put some weight on it. Leave about an eighth to a quarter inch of the notebook sticking out beyond your weight/workarea or press.


Using your glue of choice coat the spine evenly. Put on just enough glue to fill the spaces between the signatures. You don't want the glue to seep between the signatures and glue your pages together or too much covering the spine. Push the thread ends into the glue and coat them a little to keep them in place. Be very careful to not get any glue on the top or bottom edges as that would glue your pages together.


Cut a piece of cheesecloth a little shorter than the length of your spine and three to four times as wide as your spine is wide. Center the cheesecloth over the spine and push it into the glue. Dab some more glue on top of the cheesecloth to create a good bond. Set aside and let it dry at least overnight.